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Menstrual Disorder Ayurvedic Treatment

Women may suffer from menstrual disorders of various kinds. Menopause or the lack of cycles are the most common of these, menorrhagia in which there are heavy bleeding and long periods, where periods are painful. Menstruation in women is a normal and healthy biological feature.

Ayurveda for menstrual disorders is a self-care treatment from ancient times. But we aim to propagate, with Punarnava, that ayurvedic menstrual disorder medicine is safe and efficient. Although, Women of any age may make use of it.

With our friendly nature expert Dr.Abhishek Sharma you can discuss your problem without any hesitation. He gives the right suggestion as well as before and after treatment. At Punarnava, you get specialized Ayurveda treatment for irregular periods.

What Are the Symptoms of Menstrual Disorder?

  • Amenorrhea: Lack of Period (not including pre-pubescence, post-menopause, or pregnancy).
  • Menorrhagia: A type of irregular bleeding from the uterus (AUB).
  • Dysmenorrhea: Major dysmenorrhea, pain caused by menstruation.
  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome): Bloating, tender breasts, tiredness, clumsiness, headaches, cravings for food, and constipation are physical signs.

What are the Causes of Menstrual Disorder?

For menstrual disorders, Ayurveda lists the following causes. There may be one or all of these causes for the disorders:

  • Factors stress and lifestyle
  • Pills for birth control
  • Polyps of the uterine or fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Amenorrhoea – No Periods
  • Inflammatory pelvic disorder
  • Menorrhagia

Which Kind of Ayurvedic Tips Relieve Menstrual Disorders?

A woman undergoes several physical and hormonal changes. Some are simple, but some of them can cause complications. Therefore, menstrual disorder ayurvedic treatment is a healthy and ideal way to go. Here are a few  suggestions that will help relieve these symptoms and manage Vata.

  • Avoid eating processed foods such as cheese, cookies, baked foods, kidney bean legumes, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, caffeine, cola, soda, etc., or alcohol.
  • Do not take any nutrients, avoid consuming fried or oily foods.
  • Food that causes Vata to constipate or aggravate should avoid.
  • Include vegetables in your diet, including pumpkin, cabbage, cauliflower, and peas.
  • Include spices in your diets, such as cumin (jeera), fenugreek (methi), black pepper (kali mirch), cloves (laung), cilantro (dhania), and mint (pudina).
  • Take one crushed garlic clove (lahsun) with two cloves (laung) twice a day during your time.
  • Take a teaspoon of aloe vera gel combined with a tablespoon of black pepper or cinnamon (dalchini) powder while suffering from menstrual cramps.
  • Drinking Herbal Tea flavored with ginger helps. You can also blend one teaspoon of ginger powder and have it in hot water.
  • For your body to recover from the hard work that goes within your body, taking enough rest is also necessary.
  • Another way to relax your mind and make your body gradually calm down is meditation.
  • Like cycling, yoga, light exercise is excellent as it helps in easy blood flow, but do not strain yourself, as your body works overtime.
  • Make sure you drink lots of water as well, especially if it’s lukewarm.
  • Also, taking a warm bath relaxes the body.
  • The muscles there will relax and relieve you from cramps by massaging your abdomen.
  • Reduce salt consumption, as it might cause bloating.

To treat menstrual disorders, Ayurveda follows systematic methods of menstrual disorder ayurvedic treatment. It includes defeating, characterized by healing, the root cause. We recommend Punarnava if you are looking for a cure for your menstrual disorder ayurvedic treatment.

Why Punarnava for Relive Your Menstrual Disorder?

At Punarnava, we aim to instruct women about Ayurveda’s benefits and empower them to have a menstrual cycle that is stress-free and pain-free. Additionally, Punarnava offers valuable Ayurveda treatment for irregular periods. Punarnava is a remarkable menstrual disorder ayurvedic treatment in Jaipur. Dr. Abhishek Sharma, a certified Panchkarma specialist, is a dedicated and knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctor.

  • We follow a systematic method of treatment
  • We use the age-old Ayurveda method
  • Proper advice after and before treatment
  • Trained and caring staff
  • Analyze your problem before treatment

Punarnava is the best menstrual disorder ayurvedic treatment in Jaipur, famous for its dedication and patient satisfaction. Don’t miss the opportunity to take the benefits of menstrual disorder ayurvedic treatment at Punarnav. You can quickly get an online appointment anytime to visit Punarnava.

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