Ayurvedic Treatments Customized For You

At Punarnava we provide you the best ayurvedic treatment for diseases including ortho neuro muscular, spine neck and back issues, infertility and sexual problems, heart, liver & kidney and skin related ailments. Our team works under the expert guidance of our MD, Dr Abhishek Mishra.

Infertility Treatment

Female Infertility बध्यतव
Male Infertility निःसंतानता
Sex Related Problem
Tubal Blockage
Menstrual Disorders
Hormonal Imbalance

Joint & Spine Therapy

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Osteoarthritis गठिया बाय
Disc Prolapse / Bulge
Cervical / Lumbar Spondylitis
Frozen Shoulder
Sciatica सायटिका
AVN (Avascular Necrosis)

Cosmetics Treament

Acne / Pimples
Warts / Moles / Skin Tags
Psoriasis सोरायसिस
Hair fall / Greying Issues
Skin Issues चर्म रोग
Vitiligo सफेद दाग

Other Treatment

Headache (Migraine,Sinus,Neuralgia)
Stress, Anxiety and sleep Issues
Allergies एलर्जी
Chronic Kidney disease (CKD)
Acidity, Constipation, IBS
Mind body Rejuvenation
Rejuvenating Therapies

Healing Therapies For You

At Punarnava Ayurved And Panchkarma Center, get the best therapy treatments required for your health.


Marma Abhyanga

Marma Abhyanga is a body work technique formulated to give you complete mind, body and spiritual healing.


Kati Basti

Kati basti also known as Kati vasti is a popular deep tissue treatment for low back pain and associated health issues.


Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy treatment for Skin issue Acne, vitiligo, psoriasis, varicose veins etc


Potli Massage

Ayurvedic (Potli Massage) contains a natural herbal dry fomentation powder made of herbs. The pain relief massage potli offers a natural way to relieve body pain.



Udvartana is an invigorating full body massage done in a rhythmic motion using herbal powder or paste. This therapy is largely recommended for diabetic neuropathy, obesity, paralysis, skin care

uttar basti

Uttar Basti

Treatment procedure for both female and male infertility issues
done with precision by expert doctor.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Diet Counseling for

At Punarnava you will get the best and effective Ayurvedic lifestyle and Diet Counseling for Weight loss, mental health, skin health, pregnancy or joint health.


Weight Loss

Punarnava provides you the best weight loss ayurvedic treatment and Diet Counseling for your health lifestyle.


Mental Health

Punarnava provides you the best ayurvedic treatment to cure your mental health issues.


Family Planning

At Punarnava, couples can get the best ‘Beej Shuddhi' treatments to help conceive without complications and have a healthy progeny.


Counselling Session with Ayurvedic Tips & Treatments

You will get the best counselling sessions for your overall skin health from Punarnava.



At Punarnava, get the best ayurvedic tips for your healthy pregnancy and amazing Garbh Sanskar sessions.


Joint Health

Punarnava provides you the best ayurvedic treatment to cure your joint related issues.



An ayurvedic immunity booster

  • Improve memory learning & concentration
  • Increase resistance power of the body
  • Anti-oxidant & anti-toxicant effect for good health
  • Protects from various allergies
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Boost physical strength and stamina required for growth and sports
  • A must for all-round development of KIDS
Ayurveda doctor in Jaipur

Dr. Abhishek Mishra

B.A.M.S., NDDY, Certified Panchkarma Specialist

Dr. Abhishek comes from ancestral background of Ayurveda Physicians "Vaidhya" traditionally practicing since 3 generations.
Keeping the values of serving the humanity with customized treatments Dr. Abhishek is practicing since 2010 with expertise in Ayurveda,
We at PUNARNAVA are dedicated to provide Holistic health.

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