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    Ayurvedic Treatments Customized For You

    At Punarnava we provide you the best ayurvedic treatment for diseases including ortho neuro muscular, spine neck and back issues, infertility and sexual problems, heart, liver & kidney and skin related ailments. Our team works under the expert guidance of our MD, Dr Abhishek Mishra.

    Infertility Treatment

    Female Infertility बध्यतव
    Male Infertility निःसंतानता
    Sex Related Problem
    Tubal Blockage
    Menstrual Disorders
    Hormonal Imbalance

    Joint & Spine Therapy

    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Osteoarthritis गठिया बाय
    Disc Prolapse / Bulge
    Cervical / Lumbar Spondylitis
    Frozen Shoulder
    Sciatica सायटिका
    AVN (Avascular Necrosis)

    Cosmetics Treament

    Acne / Pimples
    Warts / Moles / Skin Tags
    Psoriasis सोरायसिस
    Hair fall / Greying Issues
    Skin Issues चर्म रोग
    Vitiligo सफेद दाग

    Other Treatment

    Headache (Migraine,Sinus,TN)
    Stress, Anxiety and sleep Issues
    Insomnia अनिद्रा
    Allergies एलर्जी
    Chronic Kidney disease (CKD)
    Acidity, Constipation, IBS
    Mind body Rejuvenation
    Rejuvenating Therapies
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