‘Ayurveda’ new normal : Let’s get Back to the Roots

AYURVEDA, Ayu means Life, and Veda denotes science. Ayu is defined as the combination of Body, senses, mind, and Spirit. Ayurveda is not just, one among the available treatment therapies, but, a vast “Science of Life”.

Purpose of its creation

This Indian system of medicine was developed by scientists or sages centuries ago for the wellbeing of human race.

It unfolds for us

  • the ways of living by the concepts of Hitayu (a life favourable for other’s existence and peace) & Sukhaayu (a life for self, full of bliss, happiness and health).
  • the health practices( daily regimen, practices in accordance with the seasonal changes) in detail;
  • the preventive measures for staying healthy;
  • the treatment of numerous diseases including the pandemic situations;
  • the subtle concepts of tri-dosha, sapta-dhatu, tri-malah, prakruti ;
  • the methodology for the assessment of newly developed diseases and how to treat,etc.

What we are discussing all this:

You are aware of the fact that, Body and mind are prone to sufferings. It is completely proven and effective therapy to treat our body (Sharir) and mind (Manas). Ayurveda, establishes that the mind has complete control over body and it has power to transform or heal the body. Any change in weather, lifestyle, diet, work, emotions and relationships can easily creates imbalance that can influence an individual’s state of body, mind and soul.

Why is it in Demand?

Ayurveda is highly effective and the most widely used holistic approach across the world for managing several health ailments. There are many Chronic ailments/Lifestyle Diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension . Several people from all over the world come to India for Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurvedic Management of various diseases. It teaches that a person’s mental, emotional and spiritual being are all interconnected and any kind of imbalance between them results in diseases Ayurveda teaches people about the importance of maintaining a good balance between body and mind.

In today’s world, the most common problem that affects mind of almost every person is Stress or Anxiety. It is found that almost every person is suffering from this problem and since mind is not healthy, so it gives birth to several diseases. For example, stress causes depression and every person has his/her own way to fight stress. Some people take help of sedatives or alcohol, some people go for over-eating, some do not eat at all, etc. All these habits then cause serious health problems such as Obesity, Diabetes, Liver damage, cardiovascular diseases, etc